Monday, 3 January 2011

Gifts from India

Haven't had time to do much gaming (or posting!) lately as Xmas, work and other things got in the way. One of those things was a business trip to Chennai in India. I've been visiting India for a good few years now (most IT work seems to be outsourced to there). Every time I go, I've always tried to get some India produced miniatures or wargaming stuff. I've always failed. The closest I ever got was a box of Tamiya German tank crew in a Delhi toy shop. The proprietor had got them years earlier as a freebie from a rep at a trade show, and happened to find them in his stock room. As he and his staff had spent ages looking for them (while I drank a complimentary cup of tea), I felt obliged to buy them afterwards. A massive sum of 200 rupees, so a bargain anyway.

Anyway, I digress. On this latest trip to Chennai I got some success. This was mainly due to my tight schedule requiring me to send others (local friends) to search for stuff. They did well and used some flexibility in interpreting my precise instructions. As a result, I came back with:
  • A big model Taj Mahal gift from the Cognizant company I was visiting
  • A set of India semi-flat musicians/soldiers
  • Some Elephant fridge magnets
OK, a little bit of licence is needed here. I'm not 100% sure the soldiers are soldiers, but they are 100% Indian. They are carved and hand-painted, about 3 inches high. They even come in a presentation box - just like the pencil boxes covered with wall-paper I used to make at school.

The Taj is the Taj. Its a nice big model compared to the usual ones I've bought on other trips. It came in a proper presentation box, so it did not get destroyed by the airline baggage handlers like my previous ones. I will probably use it for backdrops when photographing India infantry etc.

The fridge magnets? Well first of all they don't work too well. Massive elephants really needed massive magnets! They just fall off the fridge. Instead, I will use them as elephant casualty markers, or just scenic pieces, as they lend themselves well for that being flat on one side. Also the detail is quite good on two of them. Just need to cut off the football and the "India" signs. Anyways....take a look at the pics to judge for yourselves:

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