Sunday, 8 May 2011

More distractions...

It's another HassleFree piece that I think I picked up at  show. It makes me think of the Hancock film where the delinquent super-hero sometimes did good deeds while he was drunk and improperly dressed.

If you are a super-hero called upon in the middle of the night to save lives, why waste time putting on your Lycra suit and cape? Dashing straight out in your Y-fronts could save vital life-or-death seconds.

Falshies progress

Base colours done for jump smocks and trousers.

Caught out by forgetting some officers and command had special tunics!

Monday, 2 May 2011


It can get very boring working on 50 Falshies, so I feel this little bit of self indulgence is justified. I'm repainting this model. It used to have Space Marine shoulder pads and was a chapter standard bearer I used to put on the table at the start of 40K games to provoke my opponent.

I tried to paint the base with a disco/Manga or alien bar (a la Star Wars) feel. Not too unhappy for a first try with about 30 seconds of thought and planning!

Falshies....I made a start today

I managed to prepare, base and undercoat 50 Falshies today.