Saturday, 24 April 2010

A change of plan

I haven't posted anything for a month as I couldn't paint again. I had a little bit of treatment that improved my eyesight, which then meant I needed my glasses changed again! But I'm all set to paint again now. I've just started on the following projects:
  • 28mm India Rifles for my "Seaford" project
  • 28mm Rolls Royce armoured car
  • 54mm Sikh infantry
  • 54mm Hyderabad State Force Cavalry Brigade
  • 40K Cyber hounds (hard to explain these!)
Thanks to a couple of introductory games with some local gamers (big thanks to Shaun, Paul and Tom), I am now really into WW2 and a big fan of Crossfire rules. Also, against all my intentions to not impulse buy, I bought some Bolt Action Falshcumoger, Filshmergens, Fulshjoggers, German Paratroopers. I would try to mitigate this lapse of discipline with an excuse, but it would be a poor one involving aliens or ash clouds - so I won't. I guess I shouldn't even mention the North Star figures I accidentally purchased on the internet, while testing to see if my PayPal account was funtioning correctly.

Anyways, work is busy this week, so I'm just priming stuff. But next weekend will be a full-on painting weekend. I am also going to impose a painting points/reward system on myself (infantry = 1, large stuff = 5 etc) in an effort to a) get some of my collection actually painted up, and b) limit the growth of my unpainted collection! Watch this space.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Where's that damn bridge?

This is the artwork for Masterbox's fantastic 4 figure set called "Where's that damn bridge?", which depicts British paratroops asking a local for directions after missing their drop zone at Arnhem. Checking the background of the picture reveals they have been dropped several hundred miles off course, and the only bridge they are likely to take and hold will probably be Tower bridge or London bridge. On the plus side, the paratroops can easily request support by posting a first class letter or making a local phone call, either of which will cost no more than sixpence (old money). However, the Dutch gamekeeper/hunter, will have a tougher time trying to make a phone call or post a letter to occupied Holland. Even if his communication got through, he would then have an even tougher time explaining how he tracked a rabbit across Holland, the English channel and finally cornered and shot it in England.

OK its just a case of somebody enthusiastically adding some "English stuff" to an illustration of British troops without thinking it through. The important thing is that these are pretty good miniatures and I have treated myself to some to paint - purely on medical grounds to test my new glasses.