About Pete's Miniatures

I'm the one on the right with the red turban.

I'm Pete. Thanks for dropping by. In case it's not obvious, Pete's Miniatures is my war-gaming and miniatures blog. Originally I started it to host extra pictures and descriptions for miniatures I was selling on Ebay. Since then, it's also become a bit of a web diary about my painting and gaming.

I don't claim to be good at anything other than enjoying myself with the hobby. I'll also admit to buying far more miniatures than I can ever get around to painting. As a result, you'll often see me selling some interesting stuff on Ebay whenever I need to purge out bits of my collection.

What else is there to know about me? Well, I mainly play 28mm WW2 games these days using Cross Fire rules. However, I can't shake off my GW past and still collect and paint Citadel miniatures. I love a good game of Space Hulk or Mordheim. I'm also a bit obsessed with Indian Military history, so you'll see lots of India/Commonwealth troops on these pages. I also have a growing collection of miniature elephants gained from many work trips to India. You'll even see things with India themes like 40K IG troops. (its also an excuse to indulge in using bright colours).

On the subject of bright colours....in 2010 I sustained some slight damage to my eyesight. As a result I'm learning to paint again using glasses. Its a long process training my eyes to overcome problems such as struggling to paint dark blue onto a black undercoat etc, so don't be surprised if you see postings of orcs in pink shorts, or similar weird stuff whenever I'm trying things out.

Anyways, that's enough about me. If you see something you like on this blog, post a comment to let me know. It's always nice to know somebody is reading this stuff!

Until then, keep rolling sixes! (unless you play D20 games!)