Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Quickshade Soft tone versus Dark tone

I decided to have a dabble with the Army Painter Quickshade products. I chose "Soft Tone" and "Dark Tone" (at £18 for each!). After checking various websites for examples of miniatures painted using Quickshade, I came to the conclusion that the Soft tone would not be effective on dark colours. So I painted up 4 Empire Pike men in very bright colours as test models. Basically this went something like:
  • White undercoat.
  • yellow & green for the tunic/pants.
  • brown for the pike shaft, boots, straps.
  • Chain mail for the breastplate, helmets, pike point.
  • Elf flesh for skin.
I used very bright Bilious Green and 2 slightly different yellows (John Inman Lemon and Freddy Mercury Sunburst I think). After this I applied Dark tone to 2 of the models and Soft tone to the other 2. I used a brush to apply the QuickShade (I'll post another article about the "dipping" method). I'll let others judge the results from the above pictures. What I learned was:
  • Apply good coats of base colour as the quick shade will show up weak coverage.
  • Quickshade darkens everything, so use brighter/lighter colours.
  • You need to brush away excessive pools of Quickshade that form on the model.
  • Thin Quickshade with turps or white spirit - NOT Water.
Overall I think the Dark Tone is the better shade, although the Soft Tone will take the edge off flat areas of bright colour. Dark Tone exaggerates recessed detail - not a bad thing for miniatures (especially for cartoon/Manga stuff). QuickShade is definitely good for painting up large lots of rank and file troops to gaming table standard.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Nothing for sale

I've not put anything up for sale this week due to the impending Royal Mail strike. As soon as I can work out the impact, I'll probably put some more items up. I was hoping the strike could be called off through negotiation, but it looks like both sides are set on it.

I reckon anybody striking should be charged with treason as its still the "Royal" mail;-) Everybody has the right to strike, but at a time of increasing unemployment, the strikers will find it hard to get public sympathy.

Since the implementation of letter, large letter and packet sizes for inland mail a couple of years back, there's not a lot of difference between Royal Mail and courier prices. I think we are just a year or so away from the government giving out general postal delivery licences to TNT, bundesposte, DHL etc. (Especially if the treasury can raise money from them like the G3 mobile phone licences).

Friday, 2 October 2009


OK, this is Mr Sniketty. He is an incredible model, yet from a budget range. (I'll do another post about the supplier, Ramshackle). This mini manages to convey the fear of somebody very menacing under that coat! His lethal blades hide themselves nicely against the folds of his coat, meaning his victims probably let him get very close before realising their fate. He is everything Edward Scissorhands should have been.

On the other hand, he might just be some unfortunate person mechanically augmented with blades for a life of toil. He would be good at topiary, hair cuts, meat preparation and cloth cutting etc. (He would also have to be very careful when going to the lavatory).

To prove a point to somebody about wargaming on a budget, I painted him using some recovered dried-up yellow, silver and black paint. Click on Mr Sniketty for more detailed pics.