Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Quickshade Soft tone versus Dark tone

I decided to have a dabble with the Army Painter Quickshade products. I chose "Soft Tone" and "Dark Tone" (at £18 for each!). After checking various websites for examples of miniatures painted using Quickshade, I came to the conclusion that the Soft tone would not be effective on dark colours. So I painted up 4 Empire Pike men in very bright colours as test models. Basically this went something like:
  • White undercoat.
  • yellow & green for the tunic/pants.
  • brown for the pike shaft, boots, straps.
  • Chain mail for the breastplate, helmets, pike point.
  • Elf flesh for skin.
I used very bright Bilious Green and 2 slightly different yellows (John Inman Lemon and Freddy Mercury Sunburst I think). After this I applied Dark tone to 2 of the models and Soft tone to the other 2. I used a brush to apply the QuickShade (I'll post another article about the "dipping" method). I'll let others judge the results from the above pictures. What I learned was:
  • Apply good coats of base colour as the quick shade will show up weak coverage.
  • Quickshade darkens everything, so use brighter/lighter colours.
  • You need to brush away excessive pools of Quickshade that form on the model.
  • Thin Quickshade with turps or white spirit - NOT Water.
Overall I think the Dark Tone is the better shade, although the Soft Tone will take the edge off flat areas of bright colour. Dark Tone exaggerates recessed detail - not a bad thing for miniatures (especially for cartoon/Manga stuff). QuickShade is definitely good for painting up large lots of rank and file troops to gaming table standard.

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