Friday, 28 August 2009

Home Guard completed

The top picture shows the set with the "sea of potatoes" bases. The bottom picture shows the beach shingle look I should have done for the bases (from Seaford Beach). But who cares, these were such fun to paint!

I've found 2 more sets of foundry "England Invaded" models, which include Germans and a few civilians. I really should be painting up squads for my Brightorian Guard army, but I suspect I'll end up painting a few WW2 miniatures over the forthcoming bank holiday.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

WW2 Sussex Home Guard

OK, its not an old WW2 photo. In fact its modern day Bishopstone station, being guarded by the 2 Home Guard models I painted the other day. Bishopstone station is an interesting building as it is Art Deco, with 2 hideous (but practical) brick pill boxes "grafted on". I think it was built about 1938. It is on the Lewes to Seaford branch line (now single track) between Seaford and Newhaven.

Newhaven harbour has a fort and Seaford has a Martello tower, and beyond both towns steep cliffs replace the beach. Therefore the beach at Bishopstone would definitely be an option for German raiding parties (or even part of an invasion). Probably a better option for taking Newhaven harbour and its strategic swing bridge, than a frontal assault past the fort and the cliff face pill boxes.

I think I detect the ingredients for a good WW2 skirmish scenario!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Dark Elves for sale

I've just put a load of Dark Elf items up for auction on Ebay (listings should appear in the left column of this page). This week I'm listing the mounted models i.e. cold ones and dark riders.

Next week I'll list the infantry and special weapons. It will take a few days to sort through them but so far I know I will be listing
  • Witch Elves (see pic)
  • Black Ark Corsairs (see pic)
  • Spear men
  • Repeater Crossbow men
  • Champions and other command figures
  • Repeating Bolt Thrower
  • Characters e.g. Sorceress
All of these are metal and many out of production (Marauder models). The detail on them is better than the new plastics (take a look at the dragon skin cloaks on the Corsairs).

Saturday, 22 August 2009

WW2 Home Guard

I could not resist painting these Home Guard instead of painting up more Imperial Guard. I've actually painted up 7 figures altogether, so I'll post the others after I've based them (with oversized beach shingle that looks like they're walking on potatoes!).

For reasons of copyright and trademark, I should point out these are from a range called England Invaded by Foundry Miniatures. Try not to confuse them with the soldiers in the clip below, although if you freeze the clip at 2:14, Pike and Wilson do resemble the above miniatures. Also at 6:58 Fraser makes remarks about Godfrey that would not get into a modern "PC" script today.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Brightorian troopers

The plan for this week was to build and paint a squad of 10 bog standard Cadian guardsmen, so that I could make some progress with my Brightorian Guard. What actually happened was 4 troopers were built and painted in different colour schemes, with 3 different types of heads!

In mitigation I ask is it possible to paint up a plain green squad when within arms reach I can see
  • Dremmel tools and drills
  • Westwind SRS heads (Indian and Paras!)
  • 11 shades of green and blue paints (including jade green and ice blue)
  • the tail end of my painting self discipline as it leaves the location
To say I am easily distracted would be an understatement. It might sound sad that I've made little progress with this army over the last 9 years, but I can assure you it's been 9 years of pure fun ;-)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dogs of War for sale...

These are a few extra photos for an item I have up for one of my Ebay Auctions
Click the pics for a larger version.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Monty and Rommel

I still need to finish Monty's scarf and Rommel's cap, but I thought I'd post them as I can't see myself completing them for ages. I only paint these Japanese produced 1/48 scale miniatures for personal enjoyment so......Rommel is actually in the colours of an air marshall as I hate painting black wet-look leather with inks, and......Monty is actually in the colours of a reservist unit.

I think these two miniatures sum up the differences between the British and German uniforms. Rommel is in stylish cut leather, boots and cap that project authority, style and ruthless efficiency. Whereas Monty seems to have been dressed by his mum in a practical pullover, slacks, beret and a "keep it on or you'll catch a chill" scarf.

I so wanted to paint Monty in Rupert the Bear clothes, but I've too much respect for this WW2 hero. When painting WW2 officers I find it helps to think of them as characters. There is plenty of reference material about but I think this scene from "A Bridge Too Far" says it all. This is how a British commander deals with being surrounded, out of food, out of ammo, out of medical supplies and with no help on the way.....