Monday, 3 August 2009

Monty and Rommel

I still need to finish Monty's scarf and Rommel's cap, but I thought I'd post them as I can't see myself completing them for ages. I only paint these Japanese produced 1/48 scale miniatures for personal enjoyment so......Rommel is actually in the colours of an air marshall as I hate painting black wet-look leather with inks, and......Monty is actually in the colours of a reservist unit.

I think these two miniatures sum up the differences between the British and German uniforms. Rommel is in stylish cut leather, boots and cap that project authority, style and ruthless efficiency. Whereas Monty seems to have been dressed by his mum in a practical pullover, slacks, beret and a "keep it on or you'll catch a chill" scarf.

I so wanted to paint Monty in Rupert the Bear clothes, but I've too much respect for this WW2 hero. When painting WW2 officers I find it helps to think of them as characters. There is plenty of reference material about but I think this scene from "A Bridge Too Far" says it all. This is how a British commander deals with being surrounded, out of food, out of ammo, out of medical supplies and with no help on the way.....

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