Monday, 24 August 2009

Dark Elves for sale

I've just put a load of Dark Elf items up for auction on Ebay (listings should appear in the left column of this page). This week I'm listing the mounted models i.e. cold ones and dark riders.

Next week I'll list the infantry and special weapons. It will take a few days to sort through them but so far I know I will be listing
  • Witch Elves (see pic)
  • Black Ark Corsairs (see pic)
  • Spear men
  • Repeater Crossbow men
  • Champions and other command figures
  • Repeating Bolt Thrower
  • Characters e.g. Sorceress
All of these are metal and many out of production (Marauder models). The detail on them is better than the new plastics (take a look at the dragon skin cloaks on the Corsairs).

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