Sunday, 26 September 2010

I need space - not Space Marines!

I have a couple of Classic i.e. discontinued 40K tanks for sale on Ebay. They were becoming expensive insulation bricks in my loft, so they are being offered at a good price. Links available in "For Sale" section in left hand column of this page.

Campaign Fighting

I had a go at playing the Flames of War "A Bridge Too Far" campaign system the other night. We (me, Shaun and Tom) played the historical version. This involved me trying to take the bridges from the Germans. The system involve declaring moves which result in several simultaneous battles. It is complex, covering things like supply routes, terrain types etc. For instance Falsheemeger Flashimiger Fishmonger German paratroops have better ability on certain terrain. So you may beat them in a conflict because your units were better on that sectors terrain, but it may not be wise to pursue them as they may fall back to a different type of terrain where they have the advantage.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Skink Time

 I have a job lot of metal Skinks for sale on Ebay. There is also a command group for sale. A link will appear top left of this page while the auction is still active.

War Veteran

I took a trip to another local beach/port at Shoreham, to get some more ideas for my Seaford project. The main interest was seeing if the area had the makings of a WW2 German invasion scenario, which it did due to the railway bridge, port, deep(ish) river estuary etc.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Newhaven Fort

As part of my Seaford project, I'll be making some WW2 coastal defence scenery. Thankfully, 2 miles from my front door is Newhaven fort. I was able to take some photos when it was closed to Joe Public.

Sadly, its hard to get into the fort these days unless there is a public event there, which then means you can't take decent pictures because of advertising, grotty kids and ice cream vans etc. So i think these pics may be some of the few decent reference pics available. Also, the beach has been closed off by a French company who operate the port. They are able to do this under some legal clause. Its so ironic because the fort was originally built to keep Napoleon at bay!