Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Confrontation miniatures for sale

I've acquired a collection of Rackham Confrontation blister packs. I will keep most of them as they are difficult to find these days. However, I've got a few duplicates, so I'm putting a few on Ebay. I might also put a few loose single miniatures up for auction (Where I can't resist keeping one from a set of three etc). The blisters I have consist of mainly limited edition mercenaries, and elementals/small minis like Pixie Tricksters. I guess these will become rarer and rarer as from what I've heard:
  • Rackham have sold their remaining stock to 3rd parties.
  • Those 3rd parties seem to have almost sold out.
  • The sudden flurry of stuff on ebay seems to be from people who bought items from the 3rd parties to make a quick profit.
  • The moulds and tooling have been destroyed according to several sources.
  • Rackham are now producing plastic pre-painted stuff!
Anyway, these are simply the best miniatures around in my opinion, and I'll be selling a few over the next few weeks. (Check the "FOR SALE" list in the left column of this blog). Regrettably, I will not be selling the "Carranche the Bomblayer" figure pictured above.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Harry, Destroyer of Worlds

Once in a while, you find a miniature that resembles somebody you know. In this case, a Hasslefree produced miniature of an elderly man looked the spitting image of a guy I knew called Harry. Harry lived in an old peoples home who used to hold social functions in the same community centre where my gaming group held our games night. Harry, would wander in and watch some of the games, telling the younger players wondrous stories about his own military service as a younger man.

From other people I learned Harry had seen active service in Korea and was also in Malaya and Palestine for a while. However on games nights I recall Harry visiting nearly every table and recounting tales of his involvement with the battle being recreated by the players. It would appear Harry had been in major conflicts spanning a 200 year period, and he had served with the Army, Navy, Air Force and even had the honour of serving alongside Catachan infantry (in Cyprus for some reason).

Sadly, Harry is watching us from above these days, but I'm sure he'd love the idea of a miniature depicting him. The garish colours are intentional. Harry always wore a turquoise sweatshirt that seemed to have been badly tie-dyed. I think this was useful for the rest home staff when rounding up "wanderers" like Harry. His trousers seem to have been sculpted as leggings or "Max Wall" style trousers (Google Max wall if you are too young to remember him). These are pretty close as Harry always wore green Umbro tracksuit bottoms.

Once again I seem to have painted something other than the Brightorian Guard I should be painting.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Voland's Venators

I've just put a rare Dogs of War set of 8 voland's Venators on Ebay. These are new and have been sealed since purchase many years ago. There are 8 different models including Voland, musician and Standard bearer, with extra lances if an all-lance regiment is desired.

Further details on the auction: click here

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dark Elf sale

I have 25 listings on Ebay right now for GW Dark Elf models. I say GW, but a lot of them are the old Marauder models GW sold a couple of versions of Dark Elves ago. There are even some rare 1990 scouts!

You can see the top 5 listings in the left margin of this blog, or look at at the full 25 listings on this link:

All money made goes towards medical bills for my pet mouse Gerald, who was recently injured in a Scalextric crash.