Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Confrontation miniatures for sale

I've acquired a collection of Rackham Confrontation blister packs. I will keep most of them as they are difficult to find these days. However, I've got a few duplicates, so I'm putting a few on Ebay. I might also put a few loose single miniatures up for auction (Where I can't resist keeping one from a set of three etc). The blisters I have consist of mainly limited edition mercenaries, and elementals/small minis like Pixie Tricksters. I guess these will become rarer and rarer as from what I've heard:
  • Rackham have sold their remaining stock to 3rd parties.
  • Those 3rd parties seem to have almost sold out.
  • The sudden flurry of stuff on ebay seems to be from people who bought items from the 3rd parties to make a quick profit.
  • The moulds and tooling have been destroyed according to several sources.
  • Rackham are now producing plastic pre-painted stuff!
Anyway, these are simply the best miniatures around in my opinion, and I'll be selling a few over the next few weeks. (Check the "FOR SALE" list in the left column of this blog). Regrettably, I will not be selling the "Carranche the Bomblayer" figure pictured above.

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  1. Do you still have the Pixie Tricksters? If so I am very interested in buying them from you for full/slightly higher than full price.