Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Heroes

The Heroes
Last night I played a 20mm scale WW2 game with some regular gaming friends (Paul, Shaun and Tom). Myself and Shaun commanded a German infantry force against a Russian infantry force commanded by Tom and Paul. The objective of the battle was to take and hold a large church on part of a large island land mass. This involved a race to get to the objective (cut off by a wide river), and battling for key positions including 2 bridges and any building near those bridges. There were no tanks, but there was heavy artillery guided by forward line spotters.

The objective

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rare Praetorian Guardsmen for sale

The blister pack for sale
A painted Praetorian from my collection

On Ebay I currently have a rare unopened blister pack of  2 40K Praetorian Guardsmen. This blister pack came from the Praetorian box set that was a limited edition release in the 1990's.

Its nice to have a whole regiment of them, but that would cost a fortune these days. However, they look great as part of a command squad along the lines of chosen men or hand picked elites who accompany the senior officer etc. The 2 figures have great poses. One has the rifle ready for close combat with a fairly serious bayonet fixed. The other has grenade launcher. Both have parade dress tunics with epaulettes and "tassels".....and of course the pith helmets!

Happy bidding.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

20mm Scale - Less is more

I've finally succumbed and started to play 20mm scale WW2 wargames. It's probably the correct decision for some types of games, especially the larger tank battles. I'll still prefer 28mm for the infantry close-quarters and skirmish games. I also love the amount of detail that can be painted in 28mm scale.