Sunday, 27 March 2011


Finally, I have sorted out the gallery. There are only 2 entries so far: Empire troops and 40K IG troops. These are just to see how the JavaScript and HTML hold together. Having said that, I've tried to put a couple of colorful pictures in each.

The gallery has it's own static page and is accessed from the page menu in the right margin of this blog page. Feel free to leave comments. I'm also open to having a few guest pictures, so if you've something painted up that deserves a showing, let me know.

It seems i can have up to 10 static pages on this blog, so expect some more soon. I will probably do a site/self profile, and a couple of pages on stuff like projects, tutorials or related items (computer combat sims etc).

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old Dog learns from younger pups

Well, I had planned a 4 day weekend painting Napoleonic Old Guard, German Falshies and some Frontier Indians. All painted to correct colours after researching and reading a pile of Osprey publications. That was until I saw these hard boiled egg miniatures. Yes, that's right, hard boiled eggs. These were painted by my friend Rachel's kids, Rebekka and Alex. These are so colourful and look like a ton of fun. So I've now changed my painting schedule to something more colourful and enjoyable. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you started doing a hobby because it was fun! New weekend painting schedule:
  • Indian hill tribesmen in India silks
  • pink
  • Heterosexually challenged war orks in silks and **BLUE** feathers
  • anything else that I think will be fun.
I just hope my painting is up to the standard of Rebekka and Alex!