Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old Dog learns from younger pups

Well, I had planned a 4 day weekend painting Napoleonic Old Guard, German Falshies and some Frontier Indians. All painted to correct colours after researching and reading a pile of Osprey publications. That was until I saw these hard boiled egg miniatures. Yes, that's right, hard boiled eggs. These were painted by my friend Rachel's kids, Rebekka and Alex. These are so colourful and look like a ton of fun. So I've now changed my painting schedule to something more colourful and enjoyable. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you started doing a hobby because it was fun! New weekend painting schedule:
  • Indian hill tribesmen in India silks
  • pink
  • Heterosexually challenged war orks in silks and **BLUE** feathers
  • anything else that I think will be fun.
I just hope my painting is up to the standard of Rebekka and Alex!

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