Sunday, 27 February 2011

Here come the Girls.....

Rare Female Catachan Jungle fighters
Tallarn Desert Command Squad
OK. I've put some more rare goodies on Ebay this week. I'm selling the troopers from an all female Catachan command squad. I've put them on in separate listings with a start price of £9.99 each.

I'm amazed at the price some people are selling these for, and flabbergasted at some of the re-casts available (just study them for the shear lack of detail). The idea of wild women running about with machettes and grenade launchers is frightening.

Also up for auction is a Tallarn Desert Command Squad. Its painted and ready to field on the battle table. Officer has a bolter and the troopers have 2 granade launchers and 2 meltas.

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