Saturday, 29 January 2011

English Civil War

I finally got around to playing a game of English Civil War last night. Still a bit puzzled about the name as most of the troops involved in the game were Sottish or Irish. I've never been inclined to play ECW as it seemed a poorer cousin of Napoleonics. However, I now know otherwise. The miniatures are more fun and varied and offer opportunities for colourful painting (if only I could find tartan paint!). 

I need to play again just to see how the pike-men fend off cavalry, as due to getting the firing rules a bit wrong (firing 100% more frequently than should have!), both armies lost their cavalry almost instantly.
One of the pictures shows a typical battle formation. Note the skirmishers up front, similar to Napoleonics.

As usual, thanks to Tom, Paul and Shaun for a great game.

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