Friday, 19 February 2010

It is big......and it is clever.

This is a ForgeWorld large scale Beastman that I am putting up for auction on eBay later today. These pieces are so rare that anybody who gazes at them instantly falls to their knees (well the cat saw it and then he sat down on the floor near the radiator soon after). The 2 miniatures at the beastman's base are a 28mm night goblin and an empire soldier. The House rules I use for this model in 2000+ point games go as follows:
  • Opponent deploys army.
  • I deploy big beastman.
  • Opponent removes army from table, packs up and goes home.
If opponent wants to play on, then individual combat rules apply as follows:
  • attacker rolls a single d20 (twenty sided dice).
  • On a roll of 1 - 19, the attacker dies instantly.
  • On a roll of 20, the attacker re-rolls (and keeps re-rolling if they get a 20)
Basically, the above rule means you die if you attack Mr Beastman, but sustained good dice rolling can be rewarded by a lingering drawn out death. There is only one way to beat MR Beastman and that is with the "lucky marksman" ranged combat rule :
  • Opponent drops a single D6 vertically from a height equal to the tip of the Beastman's raised axe.
  • On a score of 1 - 6, the marksman's shot misses. The Beastman will attack the marksman next turn using the combat rules. (And you already know how that turns out)
  • If the dice stops one inch from hitting the table, defying gravity and physics to spin in mid-air, then the marksman scores a lucky shot and the Beastman takes a wound*.
*I should mention another house rule here about large scale Beastmen having 250 wounds.

If you want to get your hands on this Beastman, the bidding will start at £50. Insured delivery will be about £3.50 UK, £7.50 rest of world.

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