Sunday, 24 January 2010

Skaven and Cadians on Ebay

I've just put some old mint condition "Marauder" Skaven Gutter runners up on Ebay, as well as some limited edition Cadian Guardsmen "at ease". All auctions should be listed in the top left column of this page (while the auction is in progress).

The picture above is one I so wanted to use in the auctions, but just know it would have caused me trouble. A pet hate of mine is when people supply a picture of an item they are selling, with something more impresive in the photo...with the rider "the whats-it shown in the picture is just for scale and not included in the sale". I was going to say "the Giant Forge-world rat is just shown for scale against the 28mm one, and is not included in the auction".

Like I say, I bottled out. But don't let that stop you bidding on them!

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