Sunday, 10 January 2010

More rare Confrontation minis for sale

I've just put 3 rare blister packs of Rackham Confrontation miniatures up for auction on Ebay. There should be a link on the top left column of this blog (while the auction is still live). Even if you're not buying, please click the images above for a closer look at what were some of the best minis around. Its really sad they have stopped producing these to concentrate on pre-painted plastic "toy" miniatures.


  1. Hey again, sorry i don't mean to spam you like this, but I would like to follow you on eBay, so could I have your seller name? Also, do you have any more pixie tricksters blisters to sell? Honestly, I will pay quite a bit for them if you do.

  2. Hi SageMonkey (great name for a character!). I sell under the name of Pavillios on ebay. When I have anything listed, a summary of the first 5 items will appear in the top of the left collumn of this blog. I tend to list lots of things in one go, then nothing for a few weeks. I'm not sure about the pixie tricksters, but I'll definitely be auctioning some more Confrontation stuff (some of it even more fascinating than the trixters!). Keep watching over the next 3 weeks.