Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rare Confrontation model on Ebay

I've just put a rare Confrontation/Cadwallon miniature up on Ebay. It is the Misan the Clairvoyant model, and it is very detailed. I still can't figure out why Rackham have stopped producing these, and then destroyed the moulds/tooling.

I've also put some classic Skaven Gutter runners up for auction. I think GW have modelled them on the ravening hordes of little hooded vermin that pour out of the local schools at 4pm each day. These are only rare in the sense that they are not medium or well done. Having said that they are about 10 years old. So get bidding for Xmas.

Links to my auction listings will appear in the left hand column while the auctions are active.

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