Saturday, 27 March 2010

Goblin Therapy

The reason I've not posted anything lately is that I've not been able to paint. This was due to me sustaining some damage to my eyes from a recent illness. Most of my sight has returned except for some slight damage to my short range vision, but this literally means I couldn't see miniatures I was holding with one hand, or where the paintbrush was in the other hand.

Thanks to some great people (GP, A&E staff, junior doctors, HCA's, local nurses and even very benevolent complete strangers), I'm well on the road to recovery. I'll need to wear glasses, and after some tests over the last week, I will have these next Wednesday - in time to paint something over Easter. (I'll also be able to read WD and other magazines that have been stacking up!). In the mean time, the optician suggested I try reading or painting with a magnifying glass for short periods only. I had a go with some Skulls Pass Night Goblins (cheap and cheerful on Ebay). I've struggled with some bits like spotting belts/chains if the whole model is base coated a dark colour. I kept missing teeth - but this is due to the magnifying glass mis-leading me into thinking the brush was still miles away - and then bang - a gobo gets a mouthful of white paint.

All in all, I'm happy. My confidence is boosted as a few weeks back everything was a blur. Also, the magnifying glass is a stop-gap. It is nowhere near as good as the lenses I'm having made up. So thanks to everybody who helped me out. I know this sounds ungrateful, but I really think the NHS should pay for the Night Goblins and paints on prescription as part of my sight rehabilitation.

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