Sunday, 1 April 2012

Engineering works over.

I've redone the site blog layout using a dynamic blog template supplied by blogger. This means you can select alternative layouts from the first item on the left of the navigation (menu) bar. There are 7 layouts ranging from a standard blog, through to something that resembles FaceBook's TimeLine layout. I've set the default layout to "Magazine", but just select another layout if you like and the layout will take a second or two to dynamically change within the browser or viewing device. 
I've tested the layouts on a Windows PC running Firefox, an iPad2 and an HTC Wildfire phone. They look OK and are navigable. So consider this as my contribution to accessibility and usability on the web ;-)

I've also got the new gallery running. It uses J-Album. I could not incorporate it into the main blog as the Javascript and CSS sheets could not play together nicely. So clicking on the "Gallery" item on the nav bar will take you to an externally hosted Gallery, but you can link back to the block from the top level. (Most browsers and iPads will open the gallery in a separate tab anyway).

I've only put a couple of items in the Gallery for now to test the functionality. There is also some advertising that pops up, which should be gone when the software license activates.    

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