Saturday, 15 May 2010

Not tonight Josephine.....

...because I'm playing Napoleonics with Paul and Shaun.
I'm really getting into Napoleonic wargaming now (as well as WW2). This is mainly due to finding some local players, who are easy to get on with and have the patience with teaching me the rules etc. Thankfully they both have lots of painted miniatures I can use, so that I don't have do a rushed paint job to get my own army on the table.

For anybody who thinks Napoleonics is just a pitched battle of attrition with evenly matched firing lines, its not. For instance the British infantry have a higher ballistic skill than the French. Then again the French can change formation without it reducing their rate of movement. (Something I personally witnessed this week when about 100 French language students tried to negotiate the ticket barriers at Brighton station, and then tried their hardest to queue single file for the bus).

I've just ordered myself a box of Victrix French Old Guard. There are 60 in a box, so I can practice more painting with my new glasses. In the meantime, here's a couple more pics from last nights game. Pay special attention to the advancing single British column with a casualty in front. That was the first kill of the game....and it was mine!

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