Monday, 22 June 2009

Tales of the Brightorian Guard #1

These are some work-in-progress models for my 40K Imperial Guard army, the Brightorian Guard. I've been trying to put this army together for 9 years now! The trouble is I keep sodding about and changing them, usually as a result of watching bank holiday repeats of various war films on BBC. My latest distraction is a desire to give most of my miniatures calf or kid-skin boots.

Anyways....left to right is a commissar (lovely boots), a medic guardsman with his medical kit in some bags, a coms guard with bugle and storable lasgun, and a ghurka/gharka inspired officer. Next up will be some India themed guard squads, which no doubt will be altered as soon as I finished watching the Mangal Pandey film.

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